Sunday, June 2, 2019

Rhymer Throw-down

Under the leadership of the talented Pamela Courtney, we are hosting a tiny, crappy-draft challenge for a small group of writers brave enough to attempt a rhyming manuscript.  

We finished a poetry writing intensive with Diana Murray through Arree Chung's Storyteller Academy and Pamela threw down the challenge to dust off some rhyming ambitions (of which I have none, but love the discipline of trying), to write a crappy first, rhyming draft of 200 words-ish by July 22 using any of the prompts: 

  • All Things Ninja
  • That's When I Noticed It
  • Something Wasn't Quite Right
  • When the Sun Shines or 
  • I Didn't want To
My draft is still a WIP and will be posted by deadline. Others, and you know who you are, may post theirs in the comments section when ready, or add your link to your blog, or contact me to post on your behalf. 

May the rhyming odds be ever in your favor! 



My entry:



    1. This is the one! I've added it in the post so the link will work. Nice job!

  2. I think this is actually what you want -

    Bonnie fireUrchin Lambourn

  3. Thank you so much for doing this. You are a gem. Hope you had fun on your vacation.

    1. My pleasure. Thanks for getting it started!

  4. OK. You guys said it didn't have to be good. I literally sat down this morning with the "I don't want to" prompt and this is what happened. Some of the verses are pretty funny...others, not so much.

    No blog link, but my poem is posted below. :-)

    I don’t wanna get up--
    I’m comfy in my bed.
    My blankie’s in a good spot,
    My pillow’s on my head.

    Don’t wanna eat my oatmeal.
    It’s squishy and too hot
    I hear if you eat ice cream though
    It helps your brain a lot.

    Do I have to wear that t-shirt?
    It’s itchy and it’s tight.
    I do not like the blue one.
    The green one’s from last night.

    I don’t wanna brush my teeth
    It takes way too long to do it.
    I’d eat an apple in its place,
    But it takes way too long to chew it.

    Don’t wanna catch the school bus.
    The ride is way too long
    It makes my tummy icky
    And I sing the “throw up song.”

    Is it recess time already?
    That’s something I can do.
    I climb to the top of the monkey bars.
    But only me—not YOU!

    Back on the bus already.
    I guess it’s time to go.
    My puppy’s waiting for me
    There he is! “Hi Bo!”

    I don’t want to take a bath tonight.
    I’m busy playing ball
    If I have to take my clothes off,
    I’m streaking down the hall.

    Don’t wanna bed time story
    That means I have to sleep
    Wait. Can you read another?
    And now I’m sinking deep…

    1. I love this I don't want to! Every kid and most adults will "get' this feeling. Ty, Debbie.

    2. Great story arc and honest kid emotions!

    3. OH wow oh wow oh wow! This is soooo much fun to read. My goodness, this truly goes to the heart of a kid and the funny-bone of the reader. Yep, laughted out loud. I am so glad you participated in our little rhyming throwdown.

  5. Crappy rhyme you ask? Crappy rhyme is served!

    Pam, thanks for the facebook reminder.I would have totally missed the updated deadline of July 6th!

    Here we go:

    Something wasn’t quite right

    With my pink elephant glow-in-the-dark kite
    her huge trunk was unseen
    As it hovered and gleamed
    Over the park in a moonlit night


    Something wasn’t quite right

    With my pink elephant glow-in-the-dark kite
    As the wind lifted her high
    Back up to the starry sky
    she wouldn’t quite reach the same height


    Something wasn’t quite right

    With my pink elephant glow-in-the-dark kite
    As I held the line steadier
    the pink elephant grew heavier
    As if she refused to take flight


    Something wasn’t quite right!

    With my pink elephant glow-in-the-dark kite
    At the end of the day
    As I put her away
    Her ears flapped from left to right!

    Did I see what my eyes think they saw?
    Did the elephant’s big feet hit the floor?
    With two shakes and a jiggle
    Her tail started to wiggle
    and her pink trunk let out a big roar!

    I watched as this pink beast took shape
    The kite laid as flat as a plate
    With a glimmer in her eye
    She said pink elephants NEVER fly
    Then she mightily sauntered away.

    - Lisa Chappell

    1. Ha! Very fun and funny. :)

    2. Clever and ver imaginative. I'll never look at a kite the same way. LOL TY, Lisa.

  6. Definitely making me wonder...

  7. Lisa aaaahahahaha! Oh this was funny! Loved the repetitive first line. Fun! I can totally see an illustrator having such fun with this, right? Thank you so very much for participating in our fun rhyme time challenge.