Bio: Susan McFarlane

I love to read. I read books everyday. Whenever I have a pen and paper I draw. so I draw a little everyday. If I were to illustrate my bio it would be this sad little girl sitting on a book. She's sad because she can't read and draw all the time.

There's a magic in sharing a story with a child, a communication deeper than mere talking. The magic is intensified through the images. It's this joy that motivated me to illustrate for children. Their purity of thought, joy in their world and enthusiasm for simple wonders, these are the things I am a part of through art.

When I was very small my mother only needed three things to keep me happy: paper, crayons and a story. The same three things keep me happy now, except instead of just crayons I have paint, pastels, colored pencils, ink, Photoshop and anything else that could be used to make art.

For more of my art:

Me, my husband, two teenage sons and two Siberian Huskies live in Virginia. My daughter is a way at college and comes to visit when she can. Last year we hosted an exchange student from Germany. It was such a great experience we plan to host again.

One of the best art experience I've had recently is my year at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. I received a Post Baccalaureate in 2009. My undergraduate degree is in Design from BYU Provo. For the past 19 years I've been a free-lance graphic designer and full-time mother.

My family is amazing, they are very supportive of me and inspire me everyday. The dogs make sure I don't get lonely by "talking" to me and keeping me company while I'm working. Have you ever heard a husky carry on a conversation? They really get excited to tell you what's important to know. The boys have plenty of energy to share and fun tales from their adventures. They enjoy a good story and like to be read to still.

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