Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Reason for This Blog

We're a group of women who formed a writing group. Between us, we have a poet, a writer, a writer/illustrator and an illustrator. It's our hope that by doing this blog, we'll improve our skills and share that opportunity with any of you who have the same desire.

You can check out our individual pages for more about each of us, but the following will give you a brief overview of what we hope to bring to this blog:

I got my degree in art because I wanted to write and illustrate picture books. After I graduated I surprised myself by writing a young adult novel, which I’m still revising. I write because I need to. Art lifts my feet off the floor.

The marriage of art and word still makes me giddy. If I could choose another life for myself, it would be as an illustrator. But since I lack that talent, I'm trying to bring pictures to life with words. This blog is my outlet for exploring the world of writing for the younger audiences, especially picture books.

You'll get my updated bio as time goes on. This blog is an experiment in internet journalism based on every day things that inspire me to some flavor of prose or poetry. Hopefully what I write will touch you in some way. Thanks for sharing the journey as my life and my writing evolve.

When I was very small, my mother only needed three things to keep me happy: paper, crayons and a story. That's where the magic was. There's magic in sharing a story with a child, a communication deeper than mere talking. The magic is intensified through images. It's this joy that motivates me to illustrate for children.

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