Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Humanity of Art

My posts lately have all referred to "Make Art Make Money" and this one is no different. There is a quote from Frank Oz that I find very interesting:  "Art isn't perfect. It's human. It's about expressing something about life, and if it doesn't do that, it's not art."

What do you think of this idea? I was remembering my fascination with Norman Rockwell's illustrations, particularly his portrayal of the Four Freedoms. To me, this is the finest example of perfection and expressing something about life. I was able to see the original paintings at an exhibit a couple of years ago, and was stopped and brought to tears by what I saw there. My art isn't nearly at that level, but I do try to keep that experience in mind as I work. The expression about life, and the humanity, is more important than the perfection of technique, maybe.



  1. I love your little creatures, Susan. I want one.

  2. These little guys make me smile. My favorite part...their hair! Who knew so few strands could be made so expressive? Nice job!