Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend Links: Eric Carle, Aussie Vintage Stories, and a Children's Lit Panel

As a writer, I find the life stories of other writers extremely helpful in understanding how to use my own experiences to create my own stories. The following video interview of Eric Carle is a prime example of how his writing and art was influenced by the world around him. Full of juicy tidbits of writerly wisdom, it's well worth the 8 minutes:

One of my favorite courses in college was my legends, myths and folktales class. As I've traveled, I've tried to gather folktales from each place I've visited or lived in. All of these stories unfold in my mind at some point in generating ideas. Like Tolkein who used the myths he studied to formulate his own world, a study of literature from all parts of the globe enhances our ability to tell a timeless story. The following 4-minute video discusses a collection of vintage Australian children's literature that is available online. Can I just give a cheesy Aussie Awesome! And here's the link to the online collection:

And finally, coming it at 42 minutes but worth each one (skip to minute 1:10 to get to the introductions) is a panel on children's literature hosted by Southampton's MFA in Writing and Literature. The authors on the panel are Emma Walton Hamilton, Peggy Kern and Tricia Rayburn. They discuss different genre's from picture books to young adult. 

Part two (36 minutes) is here and goes into more depth about the construct of the books in their genre of choice:


  1. I would have loved a course on legends and myths. I took a course on West African Trickster Tales.

  2. You picked out good vids as usual, Johnell! I bought an Eric Carle tshirt at Target a couple of years ago for my son, featuring animals from his stories. I was so sad when he outgrew it, lol!

    1. Thanks Leandra. I love the ease of his style. It's very kid friendly and vibrant, but most importantly it works so well for the stories being told.

  3. I look forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and viewing these. I've always been fascinated with Irish folktales...must be the Eire within me.

  4. I love learning more about the authors and what about their lives shaped their writing. It is fascinating! (Maybe it's my voyeuristic side, too, but oh well!) Great videos!