Thursday, April 3, 2014

Weekend Links: It's All About the Art

My daughter's 3d grade art project that was selected for a county-wide art show.

I'm not an illustrator, but I love art. I grew up surrounded by it. My mom is an artist and my brother became an animator. So for all your artists and illustrators out there, this post is for you. 

The video above is shameless advertising but I loved the artist's style. Alison Woodward, a Vancouver-based illustrator used paint and washes to create a gorgeous picture I'd love to have on my wall. 

Video 2 is an illustrator I was introduced to through 12x12, Shawna JC Tenney. In her video she shows how to create a texture for Photoshop.

And finally, a bit on the long side but helpful if you're an illustrator wondering how much to charge for your work. Here's Will Terry giving his two cents:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wait a second. A third grader made that? That's incredible!

  2. I think so too, but of course I'm a bit biased. Thanks.

  3. Wow! Tell your daughter that I love her painting. She's very talented!

  4. Love your daughter's painting. There's so much attitude in that look!