Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Uninterrupted Mornings

In the summer when my little one is not in school, uninterrupted time is hard to come by. And bedtime is hard to enforce when it stays light until 10 pm and all the other kids are out playing. So I gave up on bedtime. Whenever I can get him to bed, I go to bed too, and then I have time in the morning before he wakes up. I get up, go straight to my studio or computer and work until he wakes up, sometimes eating breakfast between lines. A benefit I didn't expect is that my work is on my mind throughout the day and I keep going back to it whenever I have a few minutes. Because I started my day with what I love, I'm thinking about it instead of menial tasks. My mind is generating ideas when I'm doing other things too, which pulls me back to my computer or studio. Just as going a few days without writing or making art makes it hard to get back into, starting my day that way keeps me in it.


  1. I hear you on the bedtime dilemma! =) I definitely feel better if I can get some writing in before the day gets too hectic. That way if it gets too busy for me to squeeze writing in later on, I don't feel like a complete failure b/c I did manage to add some to the word count earlier.

  2. Yes! That's how I feel. As long as I get some time to work on writing, it's a good day.