Monday, November 3, 2014

Course on How to Prepare a PB Query and Manuscript

Julie Hedlund and Emma Walton Hamilton are hosting a self-guided, online course on how to prepare a picture book query and manuscript for submission. The early bird price ends tonight at midnight (P.S. The deadline has been extended by a day, so tonight is the cut off for the early bird price), so I wanted to get this out while there's a few hours left:

The video above is a brief overview of the course, and the video below is a more in-depth explanation of the course and answers to many of the basic questions on how to prepare a query for submission.

I took Emma's middle grade writing course and loved it and Julie is a power-house in marketing, so these two make a perfect teaching duo on how to put your best foot forward in submitting to agents or editors. 



  1. Perfect tutorials at a perfect length... perfect for my morning coffee. Thank you, Johnell.

  2. I always wondered how someone submits a picture book. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thank you for the comment :) I love the videos you share,they are always so interesting :)