Friday, March 18, 2016

Simple Things

Leprechaun tracks. Looks like the little wight tiptoed in until he had to reach to grab the bait. 
I forget how great little things are. Being around my children most of the day has reminded me. My youngest made a leprechaun trap last night. She strung tape across the opening and in the corners then put a green paper airplane in the middle for bait--leprechauns can't resist green you know. 

Lo and behold, we found tiny footprints and a green ribbon left behind in the box, and some of the leprechauns gold-foiled Hershey Nuggets got stuck to the tape. Chocolate is as good as gold in my house.

The next morning, my youngest bounced around the house telling anyone who would listen about the leprechaun visit. She even wrote a thank you note (original spelling intact):
Dear Leprcon,
A great big thank you for the hershis. 
I Love you soooo much!
We've been blessed with many visits from wee creatures lately, not the least of which is a dove family in our window. The mom and dad took turns sitting on the eggs and feeding the chicks once they hatched. 

The chicks are now poking out of the nest and getting gangly. They're almost ready to fly. We've watched the parent birds feeding the chicks, but unfortunately, every time I tried to get a photo of that event, they stopped. But I did manage to capture one with both mom, dad and baby in sight--look close.

Wish I could get them without the screen, but opening the window obviously wouldn't be a good idea.

We got a box in the mail last week, our latest installment of Dianna Hutts Aston and illustrator Sylvia Long's gorgeous non-fiction nature books:
We're waiting for A Beetle is Shy, which won't be released until April 5. I've pre-ordered it and once we have that one, our collection will be complete. My kids will sit and read Dianna's books like time has stopped. I can't blame them. 

We also had the grand pleasure of visiting the local British school and talking book talk with the librarian who wanted some book recommendations. The principal of the school is a friend and I told her about a British author I knew who lived in the States. 

I'd critiqued his story several years ago then found it on the shelf in Target when we were back home for the holidays. I was thrilled to see it and sent him an email. Long story short, I let my principal friend know that a UK author was close by, and they're bringing him out for a school visit. And now I've got an in with their librarian. Librarians are good people to know.

I also found some luscious books by European authors at their book sale. We picked up one of Valerie Thomas' Winnie the Witch books. I'd never heard of them and fell in love with Korky Paul's illustrations and Winnie's whimsical personality. 

I also picked up a German author's book, The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear. I'm looking forward to starting it once I finish The Luck Uglies

All in all, we've had a simply wonderful week. Have a great weekend.


  1. Captain Bluebear was my son's favorite for many years. I'm sure he would have loved the leprechauns at your house, also.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that. I knew nothing about it, but I'm excited to read it.

  2. Johnell, the leprechaun trap is great. My kids loved doing this too. And what a gift to have the nest right by the window!!!

    I love the books by Dianna Aston and Sylvia Long. Gold! My very first story accepted by Ladybug was illustrated by Sylvia Long! I treasure it.

    1. Thanks, Vijaya. Wow, how cool that you have your article so brilliantly illustrated. That is a treasure.

  3. What great leprechaun fun!

    Oh and no, I wouldn't advise opening that window. ;)