Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekend Link: Creativity

As shocking as this may be, I'm not a huge John Cleese fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed his lecture on creativity. Thanks to Brain Pickings for tuning me into this:

To put that creativity into practice, check out Shannon Abercrombie's Start the Year off Write 2014.

Here's the info:
"For 21 days, beginning on January 5th, a talented array of authors and illustrators will be sharing insights into their writing practices and providing a writing prompt/exercise to complete. Each day you complete the given exercise, you earn an entry to win one of the grand prizes. What are the grand prizes you ask? So far, there are 4 AGENT critiques, 2 EDITOR critiques, and proofreading services from a COPY EDITOR up for grabs." 
Of course, don't forget Judie Hedlund's 12x12 coming up in January too. All those great ideas you picked up from PiBoIdMo or Start the Year off Write can be used to draft a picture book a month. Yep, 12 pictures books by the end of the year. Brilliant!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Those are some terrific prizes! Thanks for the heads up. =)

    1. I'm excited for it. I'll need a push to get me back in it after the holidays.