Saturday, December 28, 2013

Weekend Link: Mo Willems

We had a great day today. We traveled to DC and watched "Elephant and Piggie: We Are In a Play," by Mo Willems. I had no idea that the appearance of Elephant and Piggie at the Kennedy Center was the premiere venue for Mo Willem's new play. No doubt it won't be the last...

Our kids loved the play and that's saying something for my very wiggly son. It was fun, well-paced and interactive. The kids were putty in the actors' hands.

It's a great illustration of Mo Willem's genius to take his books and move them to another format. I couldn't find any clips of the play, but do enjoy Mo Willems presentation at the National Book Festival also in DC.


  1. Mo Williams did a play? How cool is that? I bet it was great!

    1. It was great. Apparently, he did one for Knuffle Bunny as well, but we weren't in the area to see that one.

  2. Gerald and Piggy are great. My daughter is too old for them now, but she loved them when she was younger. And...I saw them at BEA last year. :)